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Please DO NOT re-upload cc  I create.
full Sim
genetic skintones
DO NOT use my textures


I have the right to retain my cc I create as mine alone
on my EA Sims2 page, my MTS page, here @ my Lj, 
My section over @ Lost Utopia or My creations I post @ SIM TREK. 
I offer my creations for your personal use only


please respect my policies 

Enjoy my cc.

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gothic lolita

SWG metal bikini top


STAR WARS Galaxies
metal bikini top

 Be the envy of every Entertainer across the Galaxy 
Now available @ my Dune Sea Vendor
I created 3 different colors on the AWESOME Bobby the Hackers 3D Untuck Alpha T

sims2,sci fi,star wars,swg 

get it @


Please DO NOT reupload per my TOU.

gothic lolita

Cardassian DNA☆

Cardassian DNA

Cardassians are an alien spieces in the STAR TREK Universe.
 were native to the planet Cardassia Prime,
capital world of the Cardassian Union.
Known throughout the Alpha Quadrant for their ruthlessness,
the Cardassians became one of the greatest enemies of the
United Federation of Planets & Klingon Empire.

Get my Cardassian skin @

or @

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☆ Ch'Rega ☆SIM ☆

I have created Ch'Rega from STAR TREK Voyager "Prophecy"
served on Kohlar's D7 class Klingon battle cruiser in 2377.

Klingons are a proud, tradition-bound people who valued honor & combat.
The aggressive Klingon culture had made them an interstellar military power to be respected and feared.
Klingons believed that they had the instinctive ability to look an opponent in the eye & see any intent to kill.

Get Ch'Rega Sim @

Get Ch'Rega style Klingon skintone only @

I also made a variety of Klingon Ridges as an add on full face makeup
to match my Klingon skins @


gothic lolita

Updated K'Ehleyr style Klingon skin

I have recently updated K'Ehleyr style Klingon skin
So you may want to download the NEW fixed file

There was a slight imperfection that most likely I only noticed
though I wanted to do some re-shading in some areas...a very slight change.

Also I have been working on different Klingon head ridges for full face far I have 5.
Been pondering if I want to make them attached to there own skin set