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Emissary K'Ehleyr☆SIM

Emissary K'Ehleyr☆

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Klingons are an alien warrior species from the STAR TREK Universe.
They originated from the
planet Qo'noS.
One of the major powers of the galaxy, the Klingons are a proud, tradition-bound people who valued honor & combat.

I created the Klingon skin for both genders & all ages.
I added the trademark Klingon forehead & nose ridges.
The ridges transition seemlessly from face to top of head.
Female body NOT Barbie.
I used skintone base by SimCribbling, body details by SeraSims & some face elements by Diva_Fidelia.

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Get K'Ehleyr Sim @

Get K'Ehleyr style Klingon skintone only @


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Andorian DNA☆

Andorian DNA☆

The Andorian are a humaniod species from the moon Andoria,
homeworld of the Andorian Empire
and one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets
in the STAR TREK Universe.

sims2,star trek,alien

sims2,star trek,alien 

I created these skintone recolor, Antena recolor & hair edits.

Get them @
or @

I will be creating more alien STAR TREK skintones in the future.

Please DO NOT reupload my cc.

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The Gella twins☆

 Ann & Tann 

sims 2,star wars,sci fi,alien

Requested by JACKSOON @ MTS

Ann & Tann Gella are Rutian Twi'lek twin slaves from Star Wars TPM.

Rutian Twi'lek skintone by ME - SeraSims/SimCribbling base textures used
Golden net bodysuit recolor by ME - mesh by BLOOM

☆☆☆These you need to get the required meshes☆☆☆

Golden net gloves recolor by ME - mesh by BLOOM
Twi'lek lekku mesh - DarthFubar @ MTS
Twi'lek bone crest mesh - DarthFubar @ MTS
neck collar - Aikea Guinea



Please DO NOT re-upload my cc


please respect my policies.

enjoy my cc.

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Meri- Kurisumasu - メリークリスマス - Merry Christmas

sims 2,fantasy,DarthGeta,getagirl 

I hope everyone had a wonderful happy holiday.
So sorry I have not updated my blog with new Sims2 stuff lately.
I now have a new home over @
where I am known as Prisnexus6 as a resident creator .
I will keep an update here @ Lj of my newest cc.

I have a few projects I am working on

Roy Batty & Pris-Sims
The Gella twin Twi'leks-Sims
Prince Nuada & Princess Nuala-various cc

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